Everything about free casino games that don't need downloading

  • Jan 22, 2021

Play free casino games without downloading by creating your account at new-zealand-onlinecasino . However , you need to have some special software like Shockwave or Flash in your device. To get Flash, simply visit www.adobe.com and install that software with a few quick and easy steps. Before installing any software, check for any hidden viruses. Enjoy free online games on your desktop, tablet or mobile device any time, anywhere and without any disturbance.

We'd advise you to play games on mobile devices more often. A phone is an incredibly small and light device and most mobile devices can catch signals in most parts of your town. Most online casinos adjust their game area to your phone screen as soon as you launch the game on the browser. Thirdly, there won't be any poop ups and ads on your screen. Keep your phone plugged in at all times.

Play online slots for free

Virtual slots have been the darling of the gamblers for so many years. If you have been to a real casino, you would realise that virtual slots deliver the same experience as those in land-based casinos. There are broadly two kinds of virtual slots- Classic and Video. The objective remains the same in these two;land the winning combination of symbols on the payline. However, there are some differences between classic and video slots.

Classic slots have 3 reels and are marked by candies, fruits, 7s, bars, etc. as the standard symbols. Some symbols have low value- bananas, apples, grapes, etc. High value symbols are typically 7s, bars, whistles, etc. You can play free games on classic slots such as Starburst from Netent. Do a web search to find out which classic slots are available for free. Video slots are slightly different from the classic games.

What are video slots?

Video slots are based on unique story lines, animation, graphics, and sound effects. Their low value symbols are Ace, Jack, King, etc. Depending upon the slots's theme, every game has its own high value symbols. For example, the high paying symbol of Guns N'Roses is a guitar. A game having seas and ships as its theme may have anchors and fish as valuable symbols. Video slots have other symbols too.

When you are unable to land a winning combination, you can take the help of a Wild. Mind you, not every video slot has a Wild. Check your game's paytable to find if it has a Wild. This symbol basically works like the Joker of the pack; it substitutes for the winning symbol. There are 3 kinds of Wilds- Expanding, Sticky and Walking Wilds. Also look out for Scatters n your game.

Scatters, online slots and RTP

Scatters are very rare symbols and when they do appear, they can unlock several hidden features like bonus rounds, bonus symbols and free spins. Scatters are so called because they are totally random in nature and can appear anywhere in your game view. They need not appear on reels or paylines. Scatters can also award you very attractive payouts, this money is often lesser from what you get from symbols.

Look out for online slots that have high Return to Player percentages.An RTP is a metric that denotes the attractiveness of a slot. For example, you are likely to win back 99% of your bets on a slot having an RTP of 99%. Some slots have a range of RTPs, e.g. you might get a game that has a range of 88%-99%. Winning a slot also requires skill and luck and not just high RTP.

Play roulette and blackjack online for free

Roulette is a fast paced game and if you fancy it playing online, look for casinos that have all the three versions of the game- European, American and French. There are 37 numbered slots in European roulette but 38 in the American version. Betting odds differ considerably in both the variants. Betting options are limited in French roulette but you may like to have a shot at it too.

In online blackjack, you beat the dealer by having a hand whose total should be 21 or lower. The casino has pretty high house edge in this game so you need to know about the various options to improve your chances. Number cards have the same values as printed on them. All face cards have a value of 10 while an Ace might be 11 or 1. It becomes 1 if the card total exceeds 21.


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