Playing Online Blackjack

  • Jan 22, 2021

Blackjack is an entertaining game that is featured in the table game section of most casinos online. It is one of the most played table games that give players a chance to win quite big. If you've not seen a blackjack game before, you may easily get confused with all the terminologies and the moves of the game. In this extensive article, we will be discussing in detail how to play blackjack. Visit online-casino-southafrica to read about different kinds of casino games.

Although blackjack is not considered to be a pure game of luck because players still need to make some decision in the game, you can learn how to play the game in no time. The objective of any kind of blackjack game is for the players to have higher card values than the dealer but which do not exceed 21. Exceeding 21 in blackjack is referred to as burst, and once that happens, you lose the game no matter the total card of the dealer.

Placing Bets in Blackjack

As with any kind of casino game, the first step to playing blackjack is to place your bets. Blackjack is a table game so bets are placed using chips. If you load any online blackjack, you will see the chips provided in the game according to your bankroll. You are to click on the value of the chips and place them on the table. Once you are through placing your bet, you can then begin the game properly by clicking on the "Play" button.

Once you start the game, the dealer (which is the computer in online blackjack) will deal you cards. You will be given two cards while the dealer will also get two cards. After receiving your cards, it is checked for a blackjack. Blackjack means having a value of 21. So if your total cards amount to 21 it is then compared with the dealer's cards. If the dealer does not have 21, you win the game instantly. However, if he does, the game goes to a push in a new game round.

Blackjack Player Actions

There are many player actions that you can take in blackjack if the cards initially dealt is not a blackjack (total value of 21). You can use the Hit option available in the game to inform the dealer that you'd like to take one more card. Hit is recommended to use if your card values are low and you want to get them to 21 or closer. There is also a Stand option which is used to inform the dealer that you don't want any card.

Another basic player action in blackjack is the Double Down. This option is used by players when they want to double their bet size. For instance, if your original bet at the start of a blackjack round is $50, you can use the Double Down to increase the bet to $100. Split is a blackjack player action that is available to players who have a pair as their first cards. The option when used will let you split the pair into two and play both hands simultaneously.


Playing Online Blackjack